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Nupark Management welcomes SME’s and StartUps 


What is Smart Industry Scale Up?

A business development program for ambitious SMEs and start-ups within Industry 4.0. The program is targeted manufacturing companies, sub suppliers, companies that develop physical products, suppliers of process equipment and controls, specialized service companies, suppliers of intelligent manufacturing machines and equipment, wireless controls and surveillance solutions, energy reducing materials or processes, sound and smart phone automatization, IoT services etc.





Who is the program for?

If your company operate within Industry 4.0 and has new growth opportunities – such as new markets, new products, technologies, new services or any combination hereof, your participation in the ScaleUp Smart Industry can help you scale your business and create growth in employees and sales. When selecting the participants, we are looking for companies who are unique and demonstrate that:


  • The company has an actual competitive advantage
  • There’s a valid demand on the market and a scaling potential
  • A motivated and dedicated team who are all coachable and has the resources to participate actively
  • The companies’ challenges can be solved by i.e. defining a new market/segment, a new business model, new partnerships, development of the organization and its skill sets
  • Participation can be from a separate business area or division / spin outs of the company or the entire company
  • The company, team or product represents something extraordinary


What is the program?
  • 170+ hours of individual training by experienced coaches and business developers who have access to a substantial network of mentors and industrial experts from leading manufacturing companies and educational institutions
  • A flexible and scalable program adjusted to each participating company weather you are a SMV or start-up who wishes to develop new markets, technologies or products and so on
  • Workshops by experts within specific themes that will selected together with the companies. E.g. within strategy and management, internationalization etc.
  • Knowledge and tools to test technologies, products or services on the market
  • Training in raising venture capital and access to an extensive network of possible investment partners


What does it give you?

You will get an individual tailored program with access to industry network and sparring in both strategic and operational hands-on tools, that will leverage your strengths and growth potential. As an outcome of the program each company will get an individual Scale Up action plan to execute on.

Each participating company will be partnered with a personal business coach during the entire program. The program will also offer cooperation with mentor companies that can support the company with both specific problems and inputs or ideas on how to improve your business.


What is the cost?

Up to 10 companies can participate in each program. The program runs 6 – 9 months and the company must be able to allocate necessary resources from management and key employees during the program.


We offer 4 kind of programs. A basic program, which gives you access to workshops and up to 200 hours sparring by a personal business coach. We furthermore offer 3 levels of programs with access to external specialists or advisors for an amount of 100.000 dkk, 150.000 dkk or 200.000 dkk. Participation fee depends on the selected program, but varies from 0 dkk up to 80.000 dkk.


How do I join the program?

Applications can be submitted ongoing.

If you want to join the program, you can send your application here


Jan Nielsen, Partner – Business Development

Phone: +45 28 72 02 42

E-mail: [email protected]


Poul Søjberg, Partner – Business Development

Phone: +45 31 45 89 99

E-mail: [email protected]


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