Scale-Up Denmark’s Centre for Offshore Industry


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  • Few can match the offshore industry’s track record with implementing new, safe and innovative techniques and groundbreaking solutions.
  • And few can match the offshore industry’s constant need for new innovation and solutions without compromising the safety priorities.
  • Does your invention have the potential to revolutionize the offshore industry? Have you got the secret ingredient or the superior technique? Then get ready for takeoff, as Scale-Up Denmark Centre for Offshore Industry boosts the innovative solutions significantly.



The Scale-Up Denmark’s Centre for Offshore Industry aims to accelerate your company by adding ideal growth conditions. The industry consists of many original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and large, established companies, and a wide range of new solutions is very much in demand – both in terms of Offshore Oil / Gas and Offshore Wind. Scale-Up Denmark’s Centre for Offshore Industry connects the industry’s complex challenges with your innovative solutions.


Program content:


  • A tailor made individual accelerator program
  • 6 camps with individual themes
  • Milestone meetings 
  • Direct access to & integration with industry experts 
  • Investment & Funding – individual training & consulting


We run one program pr. year starting February 1st 2017, each program runs for 5-6 months.


Scale-Up Denmark’s Centre for Offshore is powered by Next Step Challenge and based in Esbjerg –


Are you qualified?


Your company must have a maximum of 250 employees and most importantly have a vast growth potential. Your annual turnover must not exceed 50 million EUR or a yearly balance that doesn’t exceed 43 million EUR. Your ambitions should reach the sky and you must be willing to commit 100 % to the program – relocating (international participants only), investing the necessary resources and having a connection to the energy efficient industry.


Are you interested?


Please contact SE’s Program Director Søren Røn for further information on Phone +45 51 24 21 20 or Mail: [email protected]


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