Scale-Up Denmark’s Centre for Maritime Industry


  • Does your company have activities within the maritime industry?
  • Are you about to develop/work with new market opportunities, a new technology, a new strategy etc.?
  • Does your company need funding to realize your full growth potential?


Then you have the opportunity to become finalists at the elite center for the maritime industry where you will enter into an ambitious and intense accelerator program customized to your company, with focus on strategy- and management consulting, investment and general training targeted to your specific situation.



The elite center training – The four pillars:


  • Growth camps with focus on strategy and management development (for management & board members)
  • Workshops with skills development within i.e. sales, internationalization, maritime trends etc. (for management & key employees)
  • Raising capital – individual counseling and training (for management)
  • A flexible accelerator program with individual counseling


The themes for your accelerator program could be strategy and organization development, sales and internationalization or certification and digitalization. Your needs and ambitions determine your specific themes.


During 2017 to 2019 we will run 3-4 accelerator programs; the first program kicks off in March 2017 and each program last 6-8 months.


Who can participate?

You must have less than 250 employees and have an annual revenue under 50 million EUR. Most importantly you must have a large growth potential. Your management must have a high level of ambition and be willing and able to invest the necessary resources in the program. It is also a must that your company has a clear connection to the maritime industry.




Contact Project Manager at MARCOD Allan Hejslet to learn more about the program. Phone: +45 30 13 30 43– E-mail:


The Elite center for the maritime industry is run as consortium cooperation with MARCOD (Maritime center for optimization and operations), LIVA Consult and Væksthus Nordjylland.


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