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Does your company have the potential to revolutionize the experience economy & tourism sector – and are you ready to grow?




Next Step Challenge grants ambitious companies the opportunity to become part of what is perhaps the most ambitious accelerator program you’ll ever encounter. The aim is to establish an elite of high-growth companies in Denmark. 

In order to win a larger market share, a strong and professional business network is crucial. The same goes for investor relations. However when busy with the daily work we realize it can be difficult to see your company from a helicopter perspective and with ‘investor eyes’. This 5-month accelerator program will open a completely new world of opportunities for your business development.

Involving leading business partners, universities, science parks etc. we take each company through an intensive business development program worth more than EUR 33.000 – individually designed to help transform and mature your company – to unleash the full business potential.


-Does your company have a strong business idea and ambitions to grow?

-Does your company have a strong organization, able to release the full potential?

-Then get ready for takeoff with Scale-Up Denmark powered by Next Step Challenge!


What is in it for you?

Benefit from a massive corporate network in your search for counselling
and investors. This program accelerates your business by adding ideal
growth conditions via a 360° review to boost both bottom line, market
share and future market opportunities.


  • Your own interim advisory board in collaboration with industry corporates.
  • A systematic validation and development of your company and strategy.
  • Access to development and suitable investors preparing you and your
    company for the search for suitable investors.
  • A customized scale-up program, focusing on all business aspects in
    order to sharpen your growth potential.
  • Company specific activity plans and milestones
    – based on your company needs.
  • The opportunity to penetrate the European market.
  • A number of professional camps, providing new learnings.


Our partners

Spinderihallerne’ (The Spinning Mill) provides Denmark’s fastest growing development and innovation environment within business, design, technology and art. The dynamic atmosphere at Spinderihallerne houses more than 80 ceative micro-companies and artists, as well as a number of cultural institutions and a municipal team. Together, they stimulate business development via networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and resource pooling.

“The interaction between corporates and starts-up as well as industry, design and art is an important source of inspiration and innovation. It creates an environment to experiment, transcend boundaries and find new directions. At Spinderihallerne, we operate within four primary areas:
1. Innovation, growth and creativity.
2. New forms of business development.
3. Development of public welfare services and other public services.
4. Development of knowledge and skills”.

Lene Lawaetz, Head of Spinderihallerne.


Insero is a development and consultancy company, taking the lead in the green transition by developing sustainable energy solutions. At Insero, we translate our knowledge into specific consultancy services, supporting companies and public organisations in choosing greener solutions by integrating intelligent energy systems and services.

With a profound knowledge within energy, IT and software, we aid companies and organisations in utilising the global opportunities the green transition offers and seize the opportunities digitalisation creates. We excel in developing new products and line of businesses and know how to turn a great idea in to a scalable business.



Are you interested?

We are closed for applications to the 2018 program, however do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help optimize your busienss in the future. Qualified applicants will be contacted after a thorough initial screening process. Selection is carried out by an expert board.

The program kicks off on January 15th 2018 and spans 5 months. To be able to benefit extra from the program, international participants are required to move to the Next Step Challenge sites. For Danish participants this is optional.

If you have what it takes to be a finalist in Scale-Up Denmark powered by Next Step Challenge – in our Hub for Experience Economy & Tourism – Click on the link and go directly to our application form.

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Please contact SE’s Program Director Søren Røn for further information on Phone +45 51 24 21 20 or E-mail

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