Scale-Up Denmark’s Centre for Cleantech


We believe that in the future, cleantech will be thought of in the way we view software today—not as something separate, but as an ecological means to accomplish sustainability goals for any industry or organization. At its core, sustainability is about using resources more efficiently—a goal of any well-run business.


Although cleantech companies today fall into many categories, they can be applied to any business sector. In general, we are interested in companies who work with deep technology and new science, anything from IOT sensors to blockchain to AI to advanced materials.


We are especially working in the domains of: Sustainable Infrastructure, Advanced Mobility, Air and Environment, Energy Efficiency, Industrial IOT & Software, Power Infrastructure, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy, Water, Smart Building and Smart City.


What you get


  • 6-8 months of intensive one-on-one business training from experienced consultants with industry expertise.
  • Unique access to corporate partners such as NRGi
  • Tailored learning labs and workshops where you will get intensive training designed to maximize your business potential
  • Mentoring from experts in Danish clean tech ecosystem
  • Potential follow-up investment from Accelerace Invest or our partners
  • A Founders pack with resources and tools worth EUR 150,000+ from Amazon, Microsoft, Rackspace and many more



The right Product

  • It has to be more than just an idea. Think of it as a qualified pitch presentation to get investors interested in your startup. You must have a proof-of-concept or a MVP (minimum viable product), but we strongly prefer if you already have a product on the market.

The right Team

  • Participating startups must have min. two full-time founders that are 100% focused on the core idea. They must be able to receive coaching and mentoring in English and stay committed to realizing their business goals. We are looking for visionary entrepreneurs with ambitions to change the future.


  • Partner & Investment Manager / Claus Kristensen / Mobile: +45 25458430 / Email:
  • Business Accelerator & Investment Manager / Oliver Repenning / Mobile: +45 21592535 / Email:
  • Business Accelerator & Investment Manager / Jes Nordentoft / Mobile: +45 30897866 / Email:
  • Business Accelerator & Investment Manager / Anders Handlos Grauslund / Mobile+45 22114859 / Email:


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