Congratulations to ISH Spirits – company of the year 2019.


Inspiration, networking and interesting scale-ups!


Keep an eye on the most promising scale-up companies from the national leading industries in Denmark – to set tomorrows agenda in the Danish business community.
Celebrating the transformation of highly scalable companies and the ecosystem surrounding them within the 12 strongest industries in Denmark.






Meet the finalists:










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Experience the interesting panel discussion with representatives from the cluster organisations, SME’s and serial entrepreneurs, giving their perspectives on how to foster growth in Denmark.


















Will Danish technology and know-how save the world?

Mati2Ilt finalist i Scale-Up Denmark og Next Step ChallengeMeet Mati2Ilt, the innovative alumni that both works with convenient water cleaning in the offshore & marine industri, however also uses the same water treatment technology to supply clean water in areas of natual disasters or underdeveloped water supply communities.
Hear more, when Mati2Ilt guests the National Finale as a great example of how Danish SME’s can make more business of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Selection Board 2019

A specialized selection board will assess each finalist and select THE most scaleable company 2019 based on idea, team and potentials. Is it a new an revolutionizing idea? Does the team have the competences to develop the company and does the company have the potentials to grow?

We are proud to present the 2019 selection board:

Peter Rafn, CEO in Conscia.

Stig Poulsen, Venture Expert.

Preben Mejer, Founder, Radr.

Carsten Videcrantz, MD, Cisco.

Glenda Napier, CEO, Energy Innovation Cluster.

Ulrik Jørring, Managing Partner, Nordic Alpha Partners.

Henrik Holst Elstrøm, Erhvervskundedirektør, Vækstfonden.

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