We are proud to display our participants from all the Scale-Up Denmark hubs.
And we are proud to announce that we have a record amount of participants to come real soon.



Plant Jammer

Discover surprising food pairings to jazz up your cooking.

Health and Welfare Technology


MedTrace has developed several novel safety features, which combined will revolutionize blood flow imaging in PET.


AlcoWhey has developed a new technology for conversion of the residual lactose in side streams from the dairy industries.


Beatt is providing consultancy and project management within the life science sector facilitating projects across different disciplines, from biotech, business, design and art.

Particle 3D

Particle 3D is providing surgeons with 3D printed and patient fitted implants that form living tissues upon implantation. This will enable the surgeons to cure patients with tissue damage.

Information and Communication Technology


Augmento provides innovators with intelligence about emerging technologies and changing consumer needs.


Chabs is an online job market that connects companies with freelancers in the hotel, event and catering industry.

Life Science - Biotechnology


Askari develops novel therapeutic agents against worm infections in hens, pigs and other production animals that could save millions in production loss for the farmers.


Antag is working on a promising hormone treatment to fight obesity.


Biotech, Drug Development, Anesthetics Ketamine + Sufentanil combination product for nasal delivery to treat acute pain in children


PanCryos aims to develop a next generation stem cell derived allogenic cell therapy (PanINSULA™) for Type 1 diabetes.

Maritime Industry