Will Danish technologies save the world?

With a special focus on the UN Sustainability Goal #6 of clean water, the environmental testing and monitoring company, Mati2Ilt from Esbjerg, is highly successful in meeting compliance for the offshore customers.

Within the offshore industry 6-10 barrels of water is used to produce one barrel of oil and handling of the water needs to meet rules and regulations in the various contries. That can be both expensive and time consuming. So with the new technlogy from Mati2Ilt, water handling and cleaning is made convenient with plug&play mobile units tha also handles data.

This is useful in both the offshore and marine industry, however land-based industries and communities also benefit from the convenient technology.

“Clean water is in short supply in certain parts of the world and especially in areas of natural disasters. Our projects in Mozambique measures water quality, treats the water in the mobile units or identifies water leaks in the urban water supply systems. It is all based on good local partnerships,” explains Kasper Steffensen from Mati2ilt.

Mati2Ilt participated in the Scale-Up Denmark center for Offshore Industry by Next Step Challenge in 2019 and will give an insight in how the UN Sustainable Development Goals needs a positive focus from the Danish SME’s. 

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