Sustainable leather from apples

Meet The Apple Girl who turn apples into leather by using the waste in juice and cider production to make an alternative to animal leather. We call it Apple Leather. Apple Leather has all the unique qualities of animal leather, with none of the costs. With no use any toxic chemicals and ingredients that are vegan, biodegradable and not harmful to humans or the environment.
The philosophy is to keep transportation costs and its environmental impact as low as possible while producing in Denmark, known for its green energy and fair working conditions.

Compared to traditional animal leather this production process is simple and sustainable. Furthermore, the process can easily scale because it takes just 5 steps and 1 day to turn apple pulp into apple leather. The Apple Girl supplies the B2B fashion industry with materials they are proud to have as part of their value chain. Companies excited about the future!

The Apple Girl, Hannah represents the national stronghold of Life Science in the competition to be awarded as the most scaleable company in Scale-Up Denmark 2019.