Green Instruments measure and optimize the marine industry

When you can measure, you can optimize. Whether it is for safety reasons, to protect the environment or to optimize processes, our finalist Green Instruments is the expert. And Green Instruments have been optimizing too, by participating in the Scale-Up Denmark business development program for Maritime Industry by Marcod.

Green Instruments is a global company that specializes in measurement and analysis technologies for both marine and land based industries; emission control, water and gas analysis, hazard detection and machinery protection.
They are the leading supplier of inert gas oxygen analyzers, smoke density monitors, oil mist detectors, and boiler protection systems for the marine industry.
The products have also proven their durability in the land-based industries from sulfur-acid factories in Siberia to bio-fuel heating plants in Norway. Even the Royal Playhouse in Copenhagen is a safer place thanks to one of our oil mist detectors!

On 11 September Green Instruments will be representing the Danish stronghold for Maritime Industries at the Scale-Up Denmark National Finale in Musikhuset Esbjerg. The event is a celebration of innovation and growth in Denmark and 12 finalists will represent each stronghold industry to be selected as THE most scaleable company in Denmark 2019.

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