Let food be your medicine

The aim is to reach a turnover of DKK 70.000.000 in 2023. Meet the finalist behind this aggressive growth strategy; FermBiotics.

FermBiotics is a Danish biotech company developing, producing and selling natural fermented seaweed and plant products. After a business development program in the Scale-Up Denmark center for Bio Economy – powered by Spring Nordic, they are now ready to follow the strategy to ‘let food be your medicine’ as they say.

Gut health is a massive issue in the Western world. In Denmark, 30,000 people suffer from IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). In the EU, the number is 1 million. In the US, it is estimated that 12% of the entire US population suffers from this disease. The disease has tripled during the past 15 years and is closely related to life style and the general way of living in the Western world. Research shows that the solution is better gut flora through diet and pro- and prebiotics.

The innovative product approach with the unique combination of prebiotics, probiotics and bioactive compounds has resulted in a new category of fermented food ingredients, dietary supplements and medical foods.

This new product can stimulate a positive gut microbiome (gut microflora) and immune system for animals – and soon it will be ready for humans as well.

Definitely a company to keep an eye on, when the product launces for humans, soon.


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