Intelligent drones for surveillance

Representing the Scale-Up Denmark center for Robotics, Odense-based Lorenz Technology is on a mission to make all drones autonomous in the air, on the ground and under water. Their AI-based intelligent drone software will make computerized drone inspections highly intelligent for surveillance of large industrial sites, detection of industrial equipment and site inspections for security professionals.

Lorenz Technology is one of the 12 finalists in the Scale-Up Denmark National Finale on 11 September 2019 in Musikhuset Esbjerg. Representing the center for Robotics, powered by Erhvervshus Fyn. During the business development program Lorenz Technology has further developed their strategies for entering new markets and had support in strenghtening the supply chain processes. All in all the company is now ready to attract investors and to scale up.

The company was founded in March 2017 by Lars Lorenzt and Helge Munk and supported by an investment from Syddansk Innovation. Located in an old factory building in the south of Odense they have optimal conditions for drone testing and software development.

Lorenz Technology is already providing value to the security business where G4S Denmark by now has educated eight drone guards able to take security inspection quality to the next level with live video feed, full documentation of all flights and the possibility to share the live video feed with relevant authorities.

Further value has been created in close cooperation with DFDS, where Lorenz Technology has produced the drone AI-solution that enables the exact locating of trailers on harbor terminals. The solution provides a strong business case through faster loading of ships followed by possible reduced vessel speed and lower fuel consumption.