Grundfos both gains value and creates value

We are proud to have Grundfos as a partner in the Scale-Up Denmark center for Energy Efficient Solutions, powered by Next Step Challenge.




Also CEO in Grundfos, Mads Nipper, made a blog about the collaboration between Grundfos and Next Step Challenge & Scale-Up Denmark.

Back when I went to school, I was taught that the results are split in half when two people are sharing it. Now I know that it is a truth, which can be challenged. For when it comes to sharing knowledge and ideas, all partis can, with good reason, expect to get a yield that is bigger than what was initially expected.

I am so privileged to be the CEO of a large corporation, which has an army of competent experts with specialties of pretty much all kinds. They develop new technologies. They produce effectively, rationally and in high quality. And they launch our groundbreaking products to customer, whom can utilize them.

Openness and partnerships have high priority in our company, and we are very interested in entering close relationships with others. We happily share our knowledge and experience, when it benefits common interests.

Scale-Up Denmark is a really exciting initiative, and thus we gladly use time and resources on guiding ambitious entrepreneurs or small and semi-big companies onwards. We consider it an investment in research and education – and in the future. Cause Denmark needs more new talents.

It is absolutely not just a charity case from our side of the table. We want to be on track with what is happening in our surroundings, and hopefully there is inspiration for us to gain. We are always on the hunt for ideas, which can help us to become even better when it comes to developing innovative technologies for intelligent, sustainable and effective water-solutions. First of all, it benefits our customers, but it also benefits the ambitions of strengthening Denmark’s leading position in the field, and increase the Danish export of water-technology.

There is reason why we support this initiative, for as mentioned, both partis expect to gain something from exchanging knowledge and ideas. We expect to gain inspiration from the innovative new comers in the industry, who can think outside the box and not be hindered by routines. And who knows – maybe there is a future partnership with an innovative entrepreneur, waiting for us.


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