Certified Experience Economy Expert #263

Is it enough as a business to rely on manufacturing of goods and delivering of services to foster economic growth, create new jobs and maintain economic prosperity?

Or is there a way to realize revenue growth and increase employment by staging experiences in a memorable way? Yes! The Experience Economy takes its birth in the perception that companies are actually willing to pay more for a product/service if it is connected to a memorable experience. We all know it from our use of coffee. Basically, we can grow the coffee beans ourselves, roast the beans and brew the coffee. Nevertheless, we choose to buy our grinded coffee in the grocery store, we choose to let others brew the coffee for us in a café, and we even pay a much higher price at Starbucks to get the experience of buying our coffee in a Starbucks as well. A cup of coffee that basically could cost us less than a DKK we choose to pay perhaps more than 40 DKK for. It is these principles that creates the basic understanding of the Experience Economy

As the name indicates, the principles derive within the experience business but can be implemented in many other industries. And the principles do not only apply for the B2C segment but also for B2B – how does my product service solves the sacrifice that my customers customer experience?

With my certification (there is 270 certified persons worldwide) we have strengthened the competencies we can offer to our participants in Scale-Up Denmark center for Experience Economy & Tourism powered by Next Step Challenge, a special insight into how their company can rise above their competitors. And we are happy to raise our value proposition even more in our program.

Søren Røn
Program Director Next Step Challenge
& Certified Experience Economy Expert

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