Scaling up on bioeconomy

Scaling up on bioeconomy in Denmark equals innovation, resource optimization and… thousands of jobs

By Kim Ove Olsen, CEO CAPNOVA

For decades, Denmark has been a global frontrunner on biological production, enzymes and food production. Our industry is closely tied to innovative Danish traditions in the farming and food sector, and companies like Arla, Danish Crown, Chr. Hansen and Novozymes prove that our bioeconomy industry has enormous growth potential.

And, in addition to traditional bioeconomy, are the opportunities and potential inherent in the circular bioeconomy waste minimization and the conversion of waste into new resources. For instance: Danish Crown Ingredients that work with methods that annually convert 350,000 tons of slaughterhouse waste into biomedicine and dietary supplements. Or Arla Foods that have developed a biochemical method for exploiting the whey from cheese production in order to produce animal feed and new, protein rich foods.

Future growth oriented companies
A recent report from consultancy firm Copenhagen Economics estimates that the bioeconomy sector will create 23,000-24,000 jobs in Denmark alone.

Today, large companies like Danish Crown, Arla, Chr. Hansen and Novozymes provide thousands of jobs in Denmark. But each and single one of them were once an SME – just like many present day bio companies. Therefore, helping to scale up Danish bio companies – through Scale-Up Bioeconomy – is crucial. In doing this, we support the innovative, knowledge intensive and growth oriented bio companies of the future that will create tens of thousands of jobs – many of these jobs on Danish soil.


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