Scaling-Up is (also) about communication

Scaling-Up is (also) about communication

Training of the perfect pitch and tailor made communication advice was on the agenda on a recent communication camp in Scale-Up Bioeconomy.

It was all about communication when four prosperous bioeconomy companies recently spent an afternoon fine tuning their skills at CAPNOVA’s offices. The Scale-Up Bioeconomy companies Reaktor, Galaxa Pharma, Kaffe Bueno and Dansk Tang participated in a session of networking, pitch training and evaluation of their communication channels.

Pitch training with a horse
The pitch training was led by Rhetorical Advisor from Rhetor, Kell Jarner, who introduced a simple toolbox for training a one-minute pitch. He presented three rhetorical tools – the “goal/the big why”, a “horse named Rufus” (!) and “the bridge” and all of them were immediately put into use by the participants.

With the tool “big why”, Scale-Up participant Kaffe Bueno reframed their pitch by highlighting their vision of putting an end to coffee waste. In fact, Kaffe Bueno’s “big why” could be illustrated quite powerfully by standing with a fistful of spent coffee grounds and not much more, suggested Jarner. Using “the horse named Rufus” – which is about talking to people’s senses – Dansk Tang (Danish Seaweed) captivated their audience with a story of diving to harvest seaweed at night. Finally, using the so-called “bridge”- which is about creating sympathy and authenticity – Reaktor used images of plastic mountains in the sea to get the audience to relate to their plastic pyrolysis business. And Galaxa Pharma used facts about avoiding the side effects of conventional medicine to boost the message of the positive effects of their natural products containing CBD to be used in treatment of arthritis or psoriasis.

Towards strategic communication
Simultaneously with the pitch training, the Scale-Up companies received individual, tailor made communication advice from CAPNOVA’s Communication Advisor Birgitte Theresia Henriksern – based on the business challenges they face and their plans for development. Dansk Tang found the one-on-one dialogue about communication channels, strategy and plans very useful.

“For us in Dansk Tang, the communication evaluation has kicked off a process of working with a more detailed communication strategy and plan. We had a very fruitful evaluation and we aim to continue the dialogue about communication with the specialists at Capnova as part of our Scale-Up Bioeconomy programme,” says Tom Jonsen, Sales Manager at Dansk Tang.

The communication camp took place on 25 June at CAPNOVA’s office in Trekroner. Scale-Up Bioeconomy offers approx two tailor made camps on communication and other relevant subjects per year.

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