Dansk Tang goes international

Dansk Tang (Danish Seaweed) goes international

Innovative Danish bio company on its way to getting harvested seaweed into chain supermarkets and across borders.

The founding father and son, Claus Marcussen and Simon Weber Marcussen, harvest seaweed from the ocean in the north western part of Zealand and incorporate it as an ingredient in consumer products such as oil, mustard and salt. Furthermore, they sell freshly harvested seaweed to most of the high-end restaurants in Denmark. Now, the SME is on its way towards large scale sales at home and abroad.

Collaborating with specialists
Earlier this year, Dansk Tang became part of Scale-Up Bioeconomy in order to get assistance to initiate an international launch of their product, develop a detailed communication strategy and more.
“Our participation in Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy ensures that we collaborate with specialists so that we can accomplish our ambition about internationalization and general development as a business,” says CEO Claus Marcussen who experiences an increasing demand for seaweed in Denmark as well as abroad.
“We are currently following several new interesting sales opportunities in Denmark and in Europe and we expect that our products will be available in Danish supermarkets and distributed in several European markets by the end of 2018. Our Scale-Up participation has definitively sharpened our strategy as well as our ability to execute faster and thereby reach our business objectives,” he concludes.

Tailor made programmes for each SME
Dansk Tang is one out of several promising bioeconomy companies joining Scale-Up Bioeconomy at CAPNOVA in 2018.
“In our experience, SME’s in the bioeconomy industry are typically very different from each other and range from companies developing consumer products within food or pharma, producing ingredients for large scale food industry to creating tools for analysis and recycling of waste,“ states Mogens Riber, Business Developer at CAPNOVA.
“Based on the extensive experience as an investment and development company for early stage start-ups, we therefore aim to deliver tailor made programmes for each Scale-Up participant to meet their individual needs – just like we have done with Dansk Tang.”
In addition to individual plans, business development, expert assistance and camps, CAPNOVA offers participants in the Scale-Up Bioeconomy programme prioritized access to Connect Denmark’s Spring Board.

Status on Scale-Up Bioeconomy
11 companies have been part of Scale-Up Bioeconomy since 2017:

Galaxa Pharma
Dansk Tang
Freesense ApS
Biomatics Technology ApS
Much More Water A/S
Leco Convenience Food A/S
New Fuel A/S
Kaffe Bueno

Furthermore, three more companies – Fenicure, Fermbiotics and Renew Energy – will become part of Scale-Up Bioeconomy starting this summer.

About Scale-Up Bioeconomy

The national accelerator programme, Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy, is run by CAPNOVA and offers ambitious programmes for enterprises with international ambitions and potential for high growth within the sectors. Application deadlines for Scale-Up Denmark Bioeconomy in 2018 are: 12 September and 12 December.

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