Geemit introduces ‘sharing economy’ to the offshore industry

Geemit introduces ‘sharing economy’ to the offshore industry

Geemit from Esbjerg is the winner and the most scaleable high-growth company within the Danish offshore industry, after 5 month of elite business training in Scale-Up Denmark powered by Next Step Challenge.

”We create value out of the components that everyone else has forgotten”.
That is how simple the Geemit idea can be described. Søren Hvorslev, offshore serial entrepreneur and one of the founders behind Geemit, is positive that there is a huge potential to pursue:  ”In the offshore industry there are too many surplus materials and too many companies are spending too much money on inventories, that they will never use. With Geemit, inventories convert to free storage space, money in the bank – and the components end up creating value in another company – at a lower price”, he explains.

Within the last 5 months, Søren Hvorslev and the team behind Geemit have boosted their business development in an intensive elite training program. And they won the finals in Esbjerg and are now finalists for the Scale-Up Denmark national finals in Århus on 1 November 2018.

The advisory board
”The winner has the potential to scale their business, based on new business models within the offshore markets around the North Sea”, says Mayor in Esbjerg, Jesper Frost Rasmussen, on the stage in Musikhuset Esbjerg (concert hall), where the Next Step Challenge finals were celebrated on 8 June.

The purpose of the Scale-Up Denmark initiative is to help high-growth companies release their full potential for growth. Growth companies create jobs and prosperity in the community around us. Their business ideas are being challenged by the business experts and the advisory board members, who share their experience and expert knowledge with the participating companies – and this sparring and sharing of experiences is at the heart of the program:
”It is a golden opportunity to have the business model and logistics challenged and advised by leaders from other industries, such as former LEGO managers, managers from Blue Water Shipping and SE/Stofa. They all have a unique knowledge about business management, that we did not think of ourselves”, explains Søren Hvorslev. ”We have worked our way deep in to the business model with them. And we are now so much closer to defining our value proposition, than we have ever been before”, he ends.

The winners of 2017 are still successful

Real Safety from Esbjerg is winner in Offshore 2017 in Next Step Challenge

Real Safety’s innovative safety solutions makes emergency escapes visible and safe with antislip elements for all weather conditions. The product was the most innovative and scalable idea in the offshore industry in 2017 and won the Next Step Challenge finals.

For another Esbjerg-company, Real Safety, the winners in Offhore 2017, being part of the Scale-Up Denmark program has made a significant improvement for them. And according to the CEO, Torben Farup, the customers has also noticed the improvements:
”Some of our customers say to us: You have now developed the business from just being a traditional trading company like everyone else, to becoming a serious player in the market. You have advanced from ‘supplier’ to ‘partner’”, he says.

Advice from the top
All participating companies in the Scale-Up Denmark center for Offshore Industry are connected to a Next Step Challenge advisory board. Each board represents some of the largest companies within the industry.
This year the advisory boards in offshore has been supported by Blue Water, Total, Semco Maritime, Rambøll Energy, Vattenfall and others.
”Scale-Up Denmark powered by Next Step Challenge is systematic business training focused on the individual needs of each participant. We focus on the challenges that the industry faces right now and this secures that that we work with innovation that matches the market needs”, explains Lisbeth Valther, CEO of Next Step Challenge.


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