Biotech innovations are blooming…

Biotech innovations are blooming in one of the Worlds best life science ecosystems 


Biotech start-ups have the potential to improve millions of lives, but the road to success go hand in hand with high risk. The Scale-up Denmark life science & biotech accelerator, managed by Accelerace, helps high-growth biotech start-ups fulfill their potential. Today, 91% of the start-ups in the accelerator has already raised funding with an average amount of 5M DKK. Read more about the accelerator here. 

The biotechnology (biotech) ecosystem in Denmark, and especially in the Medicon Valley cluster that includes Copenhagen and the south-western part of Sweden, is among the best and most innovative in the World. The ecosystem consists of a closely knit network of start-ups, science parks, hospitals, universities, investors and accelerators, and fosters many new biotech innovations each year – especially in the areas of cancer, diabetes, metabolic diseases, neurological disorders, inflammation, allergy and autoimmune disease.

Successful life-science companies improve the lives of many people and produce high returns for investors, but require years of development, extensive scientific expertise and significant investments, and go hand in hand with high risk and high development costs.

The Accelerace team reduces risk by providing relevant commercial and strategic input based on its profound experience and by using its extensive network of industry leaders and experts. This allows start-ups to focus on the areas that are most critical to their business and technology development, in order to de-risk their projects.

91% of the start-ups in the accelerator has raised investments with an average of 5M DKK The life science & biotech accelerator is currently working with 11 promising biotech and life-science start-ups. Here, the start-ups are engaged in working with their technology- and business development, value proposition, protection strategy, long-term funding strategy, pitch training, and much more.

91% of the start-ups in the accelerator has already raised investments with an average amount of funding of 5M DKK.

Among the participants in the accelerator is Antag Therapeutics that develops a peptide therapeutics for the treatment of obesity and recently raised 20M DKK in a Seed investment from Novo Seeds.

The accelerator also works with Draupnir Bio who recently received a 2.5 million DKK grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to develop their promising cholesterol-lowering medicine. Draupnir Bio was also recently a finalist at the NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship) start-up competition in the biotech category. Meet the CEO of Draupnir Bio in this special interview:

Get a complete overview of all the 11 startups in the accelerator below.

Customized 1:1 support Accelerace provides customized 1:1 support and sparring for founders based on the team’s collective bio-entrepreneurial experience with the aim of identifying the most critical issues and mapping the most direct and lean way to major milestones and value increase.

Once Accelerace has worked with the start-up teams in defining a clear de-risking path, the best of them are offered access to continued strategic advice through the elite mentor network, NOME, which is built and organized by Accelerace and that provides access to world-class mentorship for selected projects.

Read more about the Scale-up Denmark life science & biotech accelerator programme here:

Meet the start-ups in the Accelerace life science & biotech accelerator

Graduated start-ups

  • Antag Therapeutics. Antag Therapeutics is retargeting metabolic diseases. Therapeutic peptides for the treatment of dietary-related metabolic diseases.
  • Askari: Askari develops novel therapeutic agents against worm infections in hens, pigs and other production animals that could save millions in production loss for the farmers.
  • Canna Therapeutics
  • Immunitrack: Immunitrack is a novel spin-out company from the University of Copenhagen that builds on more than a decade of research in the neonatal Fc receptor (FcRn) and Major Histocompablility Complex Molecules (MHC). Immunitrack has enjoyed pre-seed financing from both Copenhagen Spin-outs in 2014 and Novo Nordisk Fund from 2015.
  • ISD Immunotech
  • MonTa Biosciences. MonTa BioSciences has a vison to boost the immune system of cancer patients to educate the immune system to recognize and eliminate metastatic disease, which is the cause of death for more than 90 % of cancer patients today.  Recently raised an investment from Preseed-innovation and just signed a promising licensing agreement with San Diego University.
  • Pancryos PanCryos (Denmark) aims to develop a next-generation stem cell-derived allogenic cell therapy (PanINSULA) for Type 1 diabetes


Current participants

  • Stipe Therapeutics Stipe Therapeutics develops a double action peptide therapeutic for elimination of solid stage tumors.
  • Alcowhey – AlcoWhey has developed a new technology for conversion of the residual lactose in side streams from the dairy industries.
  • bio – Draupnir Bio has developed a platform for exploring the glycome to develop novel therapeutics. The platform is based on array technology, protein chemistry and advanced carbohydrate chemistry.
  • TychoBio TychoBio use moss as a green production platform for valuable plant metabolites and grow it in photo-bioreactors.


About Accelerace

Accelerace is one of the worlds top 10 seed accelerators. Since 2008 Accelerace has spotted, trained and invested in more than 500 of the most promising Danish and international start-ups and growth companies. 88% of the companies are still on the market today. As part of the national Scale-up Denmark initiative Accelerace is scaling up start-ups within tech, foodtech, cleantech, life sciences and health care technologies through guidance and mentoring from skilled serial entrepreneurs, camps and network. Accelerace has invested in more than 69 promising startups, who have been through the Accelerace program and have started partnerships with Maersk, Novo Nordisk Foundation. Arla, Foss, NRGI, Business Lolland-Falster, Bang & Olufsen, SE, Endesa & Enel. Accelerace is also organizing the Nordic NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship) mentor network for life science startups. Read more on and or via email: