Tapping into the potential of cleantech

Cleantech (clean technologies) innovations are making Europe’s future a green one. And the start-up innovation potential is huge. The Scale-up Denmark cleantech accelerator is currently scaling 12 promising start-ups from Denmark, Germany, the US, and France. The accelerator takes start-ups through 6-8 months of business training, tailored learning labs and workshops with experts, unique access to corporate partners such as the utility company NRGi, and a founders’ pack with tools from Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace, and many others. The cleantech accelerator is managed by Accelerace who just won the best Nordic accelerator program category at the prestigious Nordic Startup Awards.

In the future, clean technologies will be an integrated part of society as a means to accomplishing sustainability goals for any industry or organization. Although cleantech start-up companies today fall into many categories, they can be applied to any business sector, which underlines the potential to develop the technologies further.

Currently, 12 cleantech start-up companies are participating in the accelerator, and the latest three companies (Bosolog, VisBlue & Enfor) just got accepted into the business development program. The participating companies are from many different parts of the world including, Germany, New York US, France as well as Denmark.

Among the participants is LeapCraft that build IoT solutions for smart city applications, Enfor that provides forecasting and optimization for the energy sector, LO3 Energy from the US, who has a focus on emerging decentralized business models and innovative technologies related to energy, cleantech, and currency systems. LO3 Energy was ranked as one of the world’s most innovative energy companies in 2017 by Forbes.

Deep technology and new science

The cleantech accelerator is especially interested in companies who work with deep technology and new science, anything from IoT sensors to blockchain to AI to advanced materials.

Today, the accelerator is especially working in the domains of, sustainable Infrastructure, advanced mobility, air and environment, energy efficiency, industrial IoT & software, power infrastructure, smart grid, renewable energy, water, smart building and smart city.

6-8 months business development

As part of the accelerator program, start-ups get access to an 6-8 month intensive one-on-one business training from experienced consultants with industry expertise and tailored learning labs and workshops where start-up get training designed to maximize their business potential. The accelerator also offers unique access to corporate partners such as NRGi and mentoring from experts in Danish clean tech ecosystem.

Start-ups also get access to a potential follow-up investment from Accelerace Invest or Accelerace partners and access to a Founders pack with resources and tools worth EUR 50,000+ from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Graduateland and much more.

The next deadline to apply for the cleantech accelerator is November 5, 2017. Go to www.accelerace.io/clean to read more and apply to the program.

Cleantech accelerator fast facts:


  • The accelerator was started in August 2016 and is managed by Accelerace and build on a decade of expertise in nurturing and fueling start-up growth.
  • The focus is especially on start-ups within deep technology and new science, covering anything from IoT sensors to blockchain to AI to advanced materials.
  • The accelerator takes start-ups through a 6-8-month business development program.
  • The program grants access to expertise and network with leading corporates such as utility company NRGi.
  • Currently, 12 start-ups are part of the accelerator.
  • Next deadline to apply is November 5 at 24.00 CET.

Meet the start-ups in the cleantech accelerator here:

Waturu (Denmark) The most energy efficient and water-saving water heater that instantly gives you warm water and counteracts bacteria. https://www.waturu.com/

Aqubiq (Denmark) Aqubiq is a green tech start-up with a mission to deliver innovative solutions within water metering that changes how water is consumed around the world. http://aqubiq.com/en

Flow-loop (Denmark) Flow-loop provides smart showering solutions for any bathroom. http://flow-loop.dk/

Coolar (Germany) The Coolar system uses warm water that is easy to generate through solar energy and easy to store in a water tank. www.coolar.co

LO3 Energy (New York, US) LO3 Energy is a technology and business development consulting firm with a focus on emerging decentralized business models and innovative technologies related to energy, cleantech, and currency systems. http://lo3energy.com/

QarnotComputing (from France) Has built the first computing heater for smart buildings. This allows users to get free heating while selling CPU power. www.qarnot-computing.com

Sensewaves (from France) Sensewaves delivers adaptive analytics for the internet of things. www.sensewaves.io

LeapCraft (Denmark) Leapcraft is a new age global innovation provider working with user-centered design, big data and technology exploration. http://leapcraft.dk/

Relibond (Denmark) – ReliBond IVS has developed innovative high-voltage cable assemblies that are 30% more effective than conventional solutions. http://www.relibond.com/

Bosolog (Denmark) Protect your valuable assets with bosoLog http://bosolog.dk/

VisBlue (Denmark) New technology for storing green energy http://www.visblue.com/

Enfor (Denmark) Forecasting and optimization for the energy sector https://enfor.dk/