Start-up healthcare innovations to improve millions of lives

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Medtech and Healthcare start-ups offer high returns and can improve millions of lives. However, their probability of success can be as low as 2%; therefore, most discovery stage projects fail, expensively.

Additionally, there are many risks related to fundraising, marketing and establishing partnerships, with many decisions made on gut feelings due to time and resource constraints.

Minimizing start-up risk

In the Scale-up Denmark Medtech & Healthcare division, managed by Accelerace, the aim is to help start-ups minimize risks. This is done by helping start-ups to focus time and resources on critical issues and prioritizing activities and supporting de-risking strategies using personalized issue trees and lean/agile business models.

The accelerator provides 1:1 support and sparing by experienced Accelerace consultants and using bespoke coaching tools & techniques built by founders for founders.

Since the accelerator started, 9 promising Medtech & HealthCare start-ups have been taken into the accelerator program. Three have already graduated.

A few examples of start-up technologies are Finnish Peili Vision’s use of Virtual Reality technology for neurological rehabilitation, Hedia’s smartphone-based diabetes assistant, VasDeBlock’s temporary male sterilization without surgery, that is hormone free and easily reversible, Saninudge’s technology that links hand hygiene and sensor technology to provide new and unobtainable insights into hospital’s hygiene culture, and Particle3D the winners of the 2017 Venture Cup, that are using 3D printed scaffolds for bone regeneration.

Meet Peili Vision in this interview (Insert link)

Fast-track to elite Nordic mentor network

As a unique offering, the Scale-up Denmark start-ups have the opportunity to reach out and apply to NOME (Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship) collaboration with world-class mentors and key opinion leaders after they graduate the Scale-up Denmark accelerator program. The NOME network is based on a Novo Nordisk Foundation initiative with Accelerace as grant holder.

Meet the Scale-up Denmark Medtech & Health Care start-ups here:

  • Hedia (Denmark) Hedia is a personal diabetes-assistant, based on artificial intelligence that picks up patterns and habits of the individual diabetic.
  • VasDeBlock (Denmark) VasDeBlock is temporary male sterilization without surgery, it’s hormone free and easily reversible.
  • Saninudge (Denmark) Saninudge connects hand hygiene to the cloud in hospitals. Saninudge’s sensor network collects real-time data on compliance, improving staff habits over time with increased accountability.
  • Mosspiration Biotech (Denmark) Mosspiration Biotech uses moss as a green cell factory to produce small natural products.
  • GDV Technology (Denmark)
    GDV technology has developed a sore protective bed for the health care sector that automates pressure relief and streamlines manual transfers of patients.
  • Peili Vision (Finland) Peili Vision provides neurological rehabilitation in virtual reality
  • Particle3D (Denmark) is providing surgeons with 3D printed and patient fitted implants that form living tissues upon implantation. This will enable the surgeons to cure patients with tissue damage
  • Radiobotics (Denmark) is aiming to save healthcare professionals time by automating medical imaging diagnosis with artificial intelligence, and ultimately improve the life of millions of patients worldwide.
  • Beatts (Denmark) providing consultancy and project management within the life science sector facilitating projects across different disciplines, from biotech, business, design and art.