The Danish tech start-up ecosystem is a breeding ground for top startup talents

The fast-paced Scale-up Denmark tech accelerator has gone through many hundred screenings and virtual in-depth meetings to select the 14 of the strongest tech startups. Read more and get closer look at the 14 trailblazing tech startups in Scale-up Denmark.

By the Accelerace Tech team

The vibrant Danish tech ecosystem, with a strong base in the greater area of Copenhagen, is one of the most digitalized and innovative in the world. As one of the first accelerator programs in Europe, Accelerace has been an active stakeholder all along the way with a mission to nurture and fuel startup growth.

The accelerator is built on a passion for tech startups and a desire to understand every aspect of them: How to build them? How to manage them? How to support them? How to invest in them? Today, Accelerace is using its more than a decade of specialized experience and expertise in spotting and training tech startups companies as part of Scale-up Denmark.

The accelerator has a strong belief that block chain, biometrics and augmented reality technologies have a massive potential to solve many of the problems people face today. Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and smart wear are also strong evolutionary steps that will change the way people interact with media, software … and each other.

Many hundred screenings to select a chosen few of 14 trailblazing start-ups

In Scale-up Denmark Accelerace has screened many hundred startups to finally select a chosen few of 14 tech startups to join the accelerator. Once accepted into the accelerator, startups get +200 hours of business training from experienced Accelerace consultants, including mentoring, learning labs, workshops, networking activities and investment opportunities to fuel future growth.

The first class of three great technology startups has just graduated: Production Hero who has built a complete toolkit for TV production managers, Traede who has developed a B2B sales platform, and Praice who can predict applicant performance to change the way organizations recruit sales and service staff.

During the accelerator program Trade raised 3,5M DKK from Seed Capital to grow their business for the fashion industry. The Copenhagen startup is currently experiencing an impressive 30% increase of paying customers a month and has over 10,000 shops who are actively using their technology. Also Production Hero has raised a Discovery investment of 500,000 DKK.

Meet Production Hero in the Scale-up Denmark Q&A and learn more about their experiences from the accelerator and their key learnings.

Recently Google joined the accelerator’s founders’ pack with an exclusive access to their Cloud Services that provide startups with the possibility to host applications and websites, and also store and analyze data on Google’s scalable infrastructure. Accelerace is one of a selected few accelerators world-wide that can grant access to Google’s Cloud Services, and Google recently visited the accelerator in Denmark and met several of the start-ups in the program. Other founders’ pack offers to start-up participants are legal consulting from Kromann Reumert, recruitment services from Graduateland, hosting from Amazon Web Services, PR counselling from Frontpage, Office space discounts from Symbion, and access to the Microsoft Bizspark plus platform.

Read more about the founders’ pack here The Danish tech start-up ecosystem is widely recognized as one of the world’s hotbeds for tech startups – innovations are fast and disruptions are frequent. The tech-accelerator takes an active role in nurturing and fueling high-potential start-ups, and the program is designed for rapid development of a scalable business model. In fact, the Nordic countries account for only 2% of the world’s GDP but an impressive 9% of the global Billion dollar exits. No wonder the VC firms have a strong interest in the Danish start-up ecosystem.

Technology accelerator fast facts

  • The accelerator is managed by Accelerace and build on a decade of expertise in nurturing and fueling start-up growth.
  • The program is tailor-made to fit the startups’ need and last 6-8 months.
  • Each startup will work closely with a skilled entrepreneur and business accelerator for +200 hours of consulting.
  • The program has so far worked with a total of 14 start-ups in Scale-up Denmark.
  • Three participants graduated in early June 2017 in which two of the startups raised an investment to fuel future growth.

Accelerace round 1 tech participants (graduated):

  • Production Hero Production hero has developed a planning and scheduling tool to simplify TV production
  • Traede – Traede has developed a highly effective B2B eCommerce platform to make sales easy
  • Praice Praice is your personality profile, built by feedback from your network. Praice enables a credible communication of personality, because it avoids the shortcomings of traditional personality tests, based on self-reporting.
  • Transporteca Compare and book international freight forwarding and transportation solutions.

 Accelerace round 2 tech participants (current participants):

  • Talking Ninja Learn a new language in 90 days.
  • Digisec For the first time ever you are able to segment the entire market of Digital Add Space. We call it “Add Full Reach”
  • LassoX LassoX is a Danish robot generated business news platform. News stories are written based on public available records about all Danish companies. Read more on
  • Capty Capty suppies photo books and print solutions that supports easy implementation from social media. Capty has among other developed the wedding picture app Read more on

 Accelerace round 3 tech participants (just started):

  • Obiplus OBI+ provide innovative services for connected vehicles and fleets.
  • Augmento Augmento provides innovators with intelligence about emerging technologies and changing consumer needs.
  • Chabs Chabs is an online job market that connects companies with freelancers in the hotel, event and catering industry
  • Botsupply Botsupply is a team of bot creatives and AI scientists with one common goal: Blowing business objectives out of the water with bots and cognitive solutions.
  • Swabkids
  • Sensative Sensative develops practical IoT products and platforms for everyday use.