Production Hero sets out to simplify TV production

Scale-up Denmark’s tech accelerator kicked off in August 2016 with Production Hero in the first class of highly-skilled start-ups. During the program the Copenhagen-based start-up managed to raise an investment from SEED capital to fuel the growth of their toolkit for TV production that is build by production manager to production managers.

Meet CEO Thomas Qvist Krüger from Production Hero in this short interview about their startup and their key-learnings from the tech accelerator.

Describe your startup in a few sentences:

Production Hero is an end-to-end TV & video production tool for production companies. The solution provides a deep insight to the production workflow, and makes it more efficient.

How did you get the idea to start your business?

In 2015 we started Click A Crew, a booking platform for freelancers in the TV Industry, but we received a lot of feedback from the market, which showed a way higher need for a user-friendly production tool that gives a great overview and transparency in their productions. Production Hero was born.

How does your product work?

Our solution is cloud based operational planning and collaboration.

The user gets the total overview of the entire company’s workload in a single view, and are able to dive in and follow every step of the production assembly line.

Why did you apply for the tech accelerator?

We experienced a very high demand for the product from start. As we were on an early stage we knew it was important with qualified sparring and inputs, in order to be able to get product-market-fit.

What impact have your participation in the accelerator had for your growth opportunities?

Working with the best business mentor in so many aspects of your company, has given us the tools to divide our work in to smaller bites to test, learn and build the right and most efficient strategy for our company.

What is your key learning so far from your journey in the accelerator?

Everything is an assumption. Every idea, thought or pain can only be validated by getting it in market, and not by us alone. That work mentality makes it possible to develop a product that the market wants to pay for.

Who’s in your founder team?

Thomas Qvist Krüger, Markus Ramlau, Oliver Lassen

Where are you located?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Current number of employees: 3

Year Founded: 2016

Website link: