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Scale-Up Denmark is an ambitious training concept for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. We want to establish an elite of high growth companies in Denmark.


Scale-Up Denmark is an ambitious training concept for entrepreneurs and small enterprises. The aim is to establish an elite of high growth companies in Denmark.

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Scale-Up Denmark is inspired by the world’s best ecosystems for business growth, and will:

  • attract high performing enterprises – Danish and international
  • provide access to seed capital and venture capital
  • engage market leading firms from the regional eco system
  • involve leading universities, research institutions and science parks
  • provide easy access to the services of the entire Danish business support system


Scale-Up Denmark was founded as a cross regional initiative. Its foundation is the regional business development strategies, and some of Europe’s most competitive eco systems.

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The cross regional scope ensures critical mass of businesses and skills, while regional specializations are supported and utilized.

Scale-Up Denmark was founded and funded by the five Danish Regions in partnership with the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth and are now managed by The Danish Business Authority and the assigned Scale-Up Denmark administration.

Scale-Up Denmark is governed by the founding partners and supported by an advisory board with key private and public sector stakeholders.


The Advisory Board did consists of 12 members representing the five Danish regions along with various representatives from Danish business and trading institutions. This page will be updated as soon as we have information about the new constellation.

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  • Dorte Kusk, Head of Department, Region of Southern Denmark (Chairman)
  • Susanne Ulrich, Section Chief, Capital Region of Denmark
  • Henning Christensen, Director, The North Denmark Region
  • Carsten Krabbe, Director, Region Zealand
  • Lars Vildbrad, Director, Central Denmark Region
  • Dorte Gram Nybroe, Chief of SME & Entrepreneurship, Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Niels Milling, Deputy Executive Officer, Danish Chamber of Commerce
  • Karoline Amalie Steen, Head of Department, Local Government Denmark
  • Thomas Knudsen, CEO, Lolland Municipality
  • Nicolai Hellmann, Chief Advisor, The Danish Business Authority
  • J√łrgen Terkelsen, Consultant, The Danish Confederation of Trade Unions (LO), Confederation of Professionals in Denmark (FTF) and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC)
  • Dorthe Kulle, Chief Advisor, The Danish Federation for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

 Our Hubs

Scale-Up Denmark offers a wide variety of business fields, which all have the potential to foster accelerated growth among businesses.

In 2016, the first hubs were established within the business fields below, and in 2017 the second wave of hubs were added.

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